Exaggerate whatever the world neglects

October 5, 2018

Chesterton wrote that "The Saint is a medicine because he is an antidote. Indeed that is why the saint is often a martyr; he is mistaken for a poison because he is an antidote. He will generally be found restoring the world to sanity by exaggerating whatever the world neglects, which is by no means always the same in every age."

We can look to modern-day Saints, Mother Theresa and John Paul II, to see this in action with regards to what the world neglects today, in our age:


Why I hope

May 5, 2018

These are the reasons why I hope:

  • I hope because it is rumored that Justice Kennedy will retire this summer, in which case we will soon have the most conservative Supreme Court since Roe.

  • I hope because of the self-defeating nature of evil: most of the seminarians and young priests in America today are deeply traditional and orthodox, because boys who grew up in modern, liberal churches in the 80s and 90s often did not stay in the faith, much less become priests: for the most part, only those who experienced something deeper, the fullness of the beauty and tradition of the Catholic Church, have become priests in recent decades.


Don't imagine a pink elephant!

April 25, 2018

Don't imagine a pink elephant!

...and now you're imagining a pink elephant.

We do not have direct control over the thoughts, images, ideas, etc. that present themselves to our mind. However, we do have a powerful way to impact the nature of our thoughts, inspirations, mental images, and general state of mind over time: we can ACT differently.