I’m Going In!

Sign the Pledge

Until an end of abortion in America (either a Right-to-Life Amendment or a omplete reversal of Roe v. Wade, thereby making it possible to outlaw all abortions at the state level) I hereby pledge:

  1. Almsgiving & Social action:
    1. If I am within a reasonable drive of my nearest abortion clinic, I will habitually go there for prayer, sidewalk counseling, or peaceful protest—striving for at least one hour per week, but no less than one hour per month. Alternately, if this is not available to me, I will donate proportionally more in support of pro-life through The Tipping Point to support and recognize those who do sacrifice their time on the sidewalk.
    2. I will tithe at least 10% of my after-tax income each month to the support of the Church and Catholic charities, and at least 10% of that (1% of my total after-tax income) will go to one or more pro-life ministries or causes of my choosing, preferably via The Tipping Point to help this ministry grow faster.
    3. I will participate from time to time in public events on behalf of the pro-life movement and our Catholic faith; at least once per year. Available options include public rosary rallies and marches for life.
    4. I will remain subscribed to the St. Michael’s Marines email list and will take appropriate action on “Marching orders” emails when possible.

  2. Spiritual practices:
    1. I am and will remain a faithful Catholic in full communion with the Catholic Church.
    2. I follow and will continue to follow the Precepts of the Church at all times.
    3. I will consecrate myself to Mary, if I have not already.
    4. I will do the First Friday and First Saturday devotions, if I have not already.
    5. I will wear the brown scapular and the Miraculous Medal in the prescribed manner.
    6. I will confess my sins at least monthly, and ASAP after mortal sin.
    7. If I am currently trapped in habitual mortal sin, especially any of the common and life-destroying grave sins of masturbation, fornication, or contracepted sex, I will seek spiritual direction, therapy, group support, or whatever is necessary to break this habit and never again commit a mortal sin, including joining the Angelic Warfare Confraternity.
    8. I will pray the rosary daily for an end to abortion, the conversion of all those culpable for it, and the perseverance of St. Michael’s Marines.

  3. Financial Disentanglement:
    1. I do not consent to fund or subsidize any abortion under any circumstances. I will therefore not pay any money to any health insurance company that profits by covering abortions. If necessary, I will switch my insurance to a Christian healthcare sharing ministry that offers no abortion coverage. If I am currently on an employer-sponsored plan offered by an insurance company that profits by covering abortions, I will petition the leadership or HR of my company to contribute to the costs of such an alternate health insurance arrangement with the money that they will save by removing me from the employer-sponsored plan.
    2. I will not invest any money in companies that do not fit the USCCB’s Socially Responsible Investing Guidelines; instead, I will individually select compliant stocks or invest in compliant funds such as CATH. If I am able, I will go further and not invest in any company that donates money to Planned Parenthood based on Life Decisions International’s Boycott Handbook, or who profit in any part from the sale of abortifacients (including any company that sells these as prescription pharmaceuticals, such as Walgreens, CVS, Costco, Target, and other pharmacies)
    3. To the extent that I am able, I will not purchase from or otherwise patronize any business that derives any portion of its revenue from supporting the abortion industry in any way, including those companies that derive any portion of their revenue from the sale of abortifacients.
    4. I will vote in every election in which I am eligible to vote, including primaries, special elections, and local elections, and I will always vote for pro-life candidates for every office, if possible. To aid in this, I will sign up for day-before-election email reminders to vote in every election at TurboVote if I have a history of forgetting to vote.
    5. I do not consent to the use of any of my tax dollars to be used directly or indirectly to fund or subsidize any abortion or abortifacient under any circumstances. According to 2015 data, 24% of all abortion costs are paid, directly or indirectly, by my federal or state tax dollars. I will therefore take whatever formal action I can in order to protest this outrage; at a minimum, when filing both my federal and state taxes, I will enclose a letter of protest.
    6. If am I an executive or board member of a corporation or otherwise involved in institutional financial management or benefits administration, I will exercise my influence to the extent that I am able:
      1. to direct the finances of the corporation to be invested according to the USCCB guidelines,
      2. to provide USCCB compliant investment options in employee 401k plans,
      3. to offer my employees health insurance plans that do not cover abortions,
      4. and to offer, for those of my employees who may desire it, assistance in paying for alternative health insurance, such as through a Christian healthcare sharing ministry, if they prefer not to use the employer-sponsored policy.
    7. If I am employed at a company that profits in any way from the abortion industry, even including pharmacies that sell abortifacients or health insurance companies that cover abortions, I will do one of two things according to my judgment and my place in the company:
      1. i. I will exercise my influence to direct the company to stop engaging in these behaviors, or
      2. I will begin a job search for work at a new company.
    8. If I am employed at a company that donates to Planned Parenthood:
      1. I will exercise my influence to direct the company to stop engaging in these behaviors, or
      2. I will begin a job search for work at a new company, or
      3. I will, at a minimum, petition my company’s leadership to stop engaging in such behaviors.

  4. Evangelism
    1. If I am a member of any non-liturgical parish or religious groups, such as the KCs or a Bible study, I will regularly attend all meetings and will (at least once) challenge everyone in the group to sign this pledge and go all in with me.
    2. If I am a priest, bishop, or other religious leader, or if I have a role in Catholic ministry or media, I understand that by virtue of my station in life I have a greater responsibility. During 2018, up to and including the time of the 2018 54-day novena, I will regularly share this pledge and the reasons behind it with my audience, and challenge and exhort them to join me in signing the pledge.
    3. If I am a layman whose priest has not yet signed the pledge, I will (at least once) invite and challenge my priest to join me and sign the pledge.
    4. If I am a priest whose bishop has not yet signed the pledge, I will (at least once) invite and challenge my bishop to join me and sign the pledge.